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UPVC Rooflines in Greater Manchester.

UPVC rooflines are an excellent way of helping to protect your roof from the strains of British weather. At JM Contractors, we specialise in the installation and repair or all UPVC Rooflines on your property in Greater Manchester.

What are roofline products?

Roofline products are things such as fascias, soffits and gutters, that are essential for the protection of your home. Roofline products not only improve the overall aesthetic of your property, but they also protect your home from the weather and from nesting birds. Your roofline will be overlooked by guests more often than not, however, an old, rotting roofline can be far more obvious and a significant eyesore.

Roofline products can come in a range of materials including painted wood or cast iron. However, the most popular material to use is UPVC (Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride). UPVC is a much cheaper alternative to these other materials whilst being highly durable and visually attractive. It can also come in a range of colours.

Fascias in Greater Manchester

Fascia boards are the long boards that run underneath the edge of your roof. These help to conceal and protect the ends of your roof rafters from the weather. Your fascia boards also help to carry the weight of your gutters, which is particularly important during extreme weather conditions. Your fascia will also need a ventilation system in order to prevent the build-up of condensation and dry rot.

Soffits in Greater Manchester

Soffit boards run underneath your fascia board, helping to ventilate the inside of your roof, preventing damp and condensation. Soffits also add to the aesthetic of your property by helping to conceal your roof rafters. At JM Contractors, we can install and soffit on your property and we can help you to match the colour and design of your fascia with your soffit.

Bargeboards in Greater Manchester

Bargeboards are very similar to fascia boards, but they run up the edge of a sloping roof. A bargeboard is highly durable and is used to conceal any timbers or purlins in your roof. They also protect your roof from the weather.

Roof Guttering and Downpipes in Greater Manchester

Your gutters and downpipes are vital to protecting your property from any water damage. These roofline products help to drain away any water on your roof, channelling it away from the foundations of your property. At JM contractors, we can provide a range of guttering and downpipe options including square or round pipes and in a variety of colours.

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